Post-Installed Rebar Design Webinar

Gain an understanding in how to design for post-installed rebar

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Reinforced concrete design assumes that concrete has negligible tensile strength but allows for the design of rebar development length with the following two situations:
1. Transferring tensile loads from one bar to another (overlap splice)
2. Development length of the tensile force in a bar beyond a node in equilibrium

Post-installed rebar connections designed as part of a structural system must be designed as carefully as the entire structure. Chemical anchors with a European Technical Assessment for rebar connections prove that in static load situations, they behave like cast-in bars.

In this webinar we will outline how to select the correct design method for post-installed rebar with chemical injection systems, using the provisions of AS3600 and utilising Hilti’s HIT rebar design method.

Upon completion of the quiz, a Continuing Professional Development Certificate will be issued.

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Tests and Evaluations

In this video we will gain an insight into the tests and evaluations for post-installed rebar design.

Available Resources

In this video we will look at the available resources to help with post-installed rebar design.

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