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  • 3 courses
  • 59:13
    • 6 chapters
    Cast-in channels for Facade Applications

    This webinar will provide valuable insights into design practice for cast-in anchor channels and product qualification while taking the attendees through an overview of reference-projects, various applications and product portfolio including benefits and advantages. Additionally, it will offer special solutions/products for critical applications with higher loading conditions. Finally, the attendees…

  • 40:20
    • 5 chapters
    All You Need To Know About Post-installed Rebar

    Post-installed rebar can perform as well as conventional cast-in reinforcement but understanding failure mode is critical to getting it right. It starts with good planning in the design phase. In this presentation we explore the different design methods for post-installed rebar and how to choose the right method for your…

  • 9:47
    • 4 chapters
    PROFIS Engineering - Learn more here!

    PROFIS Engineering is a cloud based software that enables analysis and design of steel to concrete connections based on latest Australian standards such as AS 5216:2018 and AS4100. Reduce design time - Combine anchor and baseplate calculations to reduce overall design time. Improve your accuracy - Ensure your specifications are…